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Terms of Service

Terms, Conditions and Use Policy
Applicable to the provision of Internet services by

1. Services Provided
IRANET.COM provides Web Hosting which entails the rental of space to its customers on its servers allowing them to store data files etc. to provide tools to maintain their site and email accounts.

2. Use of Services
The services provided by IRANET.COM shall not be used in any manner or form by any of its customers nor shall they allow or cause third parties to use those services for any unlawful illegal or immoral purpose such as the infringement of copyright laws or the violation of any other Federal state or city law fraud money laundering drug dealing or trafficking prostitution pornography and other obscene material threatening causing or allowing violence bodily harm or damage to others or their property nor shall any customer use allow cause others to use the services in breach or in contravention of any of the generally accepted rules regulations conventions regarding the use of the Internet or world wide web nor to carry out, encourage or in any ways be involved in or permit email spamming, mail bombing, spoofing, trolling, hacking, subscribing some third party to a mailing list without that persons permission, newsgroup flooding, posting information that is defamatory or infringes or violates anthers' rights, promoting and/or distributing viruses, ping floods, spawning unnecessary unwarranted processes, posting adverts on any chat room actual or likely abuse misuse or overuse of any of the system resources. In the event that any customer engages in or permits knowingly or otherwise spamming, hacking, use of warez IRANET.COM reserves to itself the right without prior notice to the customer to impose a penalty of US$500 on the offending customer whose account will be forthwith terminated. No leniency will be shown by IRANET.COM in respect of the above.

Each customer accepts and agrees that the list above is not exhaustive that IRANET.COM is the final and sole arbiter of what constitutes a breach or violation of any of its services and that each customer indemnifies and holds harmless IRANET.COM its employees servants agents and the like from any and all costs claims expenses damages lawsuits which may arise or be suffered by anyone from the provision of services by IRANET.COM used by the customer.

The customer acknowledges and agrees that there are limitations to the hardware/systems of IRANET.COM and accordingly if any customer uses more than 10% of the system resources or if 30% or more of its sites monthly traffic is from file downloads or if any such customer for whatever reason such as archival storage of data and CGI scripts causes the hardware/system of IRANET.COM to perform slowly poorly or experience other problems IRANET.COM reserves to itself the right in its sole discretion to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the system operates at an efficient level and that the other customers of IRANET.COM receive a reliable and stable service and are not adversely affected by a particular customer.

3. Termination of use of services
In the event that the customer
(a) is in the sole judgment of IRANET.COM in breach of these terms and conditions
(b) fails, refuses or neglects to make payment on due date to IRANET.COM for any charges due by the customer to IRANET.COM
(c) has bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings instituted against it files or petitions for insolvency or bankruptcy or assigns all or any part of its assets to or for the benefit of its creditors then on the happening or occurrence of any or all the above events IRANET.COM may at its discretion forthwith and without prior notice to the customer terminate the customers account and thereupon all content and files in the account shall be deleted without liability for compensation refund of the agreed package/account monthly payment or otherwise for any loss damages which the customer may as a result of such termination suffer. IRANET.COM shall be fully entitled to recover all money owing to it from the customer as at the date of termination notwithstanding termination due as a result of any of the above causes. Non-enforcement by way of termination of any breach or violation shall not constitute acceptance or consent by IRANET.COM to such breach or violation.

4. Disclaimer
Not withstanding the generality of the foregoing or anything else herein contained IRANET.COM makes no warranties whatsoever express or implied concerning the provision of its services and this includes warranties of merchandability or fitness for a particular purpose. IRANET.COM cannot and does not warrant or guarantee that it will provide a continuous service or that the service will not be disrupted or that there will be no interruption or delay or that its service will be provided at a or any particular time Consequently IRANET.COM expressly disclaims all and any liability or responsibility in respect of claims for loss of data, damages of any kind (including direct incidental consequential or special) suffered by or made against the customer arising out of the use or non-provision of services whether or not IRANET.COM is or was at fault or negligent.

5. 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee & Payment
The customer shall be entitled for a period of 30 days from the date its account is setup, i.e.. once the customer has been sent an e-mail confirming the account has been setup on IRANET.COM'S servers to a full refund of any money paid for hosting services to IRANET.COM or its agents provided a written notification from the customer canceling the account and requesting a refund has been received by IRANET.COM during such period. The customer is expected to inform IRANET.COM on what base they decided to discontinue using our services. The provision of 30 day money back guarantee in no way entitles the customer to 30 days free service. Any notification received outside the 30 day time period will not under any circumstances qualify for a refund. If therefore notice is not received within the 30 day period it shall be presumed that the customer has accepted these terms and conditions in full and is satisfied with the service provided. Where applicable setup fees will not be refunded. The first payment due by the customer shall be on the date the customer completes an order form and submits it to IRANET.COM. All payments shall be in advance for such sum or sums and on a recurring monthly basis in accordance with the package or packages taken/ordered by the customer. In the event that additional services outside the ambit of the agreed package/s are used by the customer payment for such services shall be on the same basis. Where an order for an hosting package is placed during the course of a month the appropriate fee may be apportioned for that particular month but there will be no apportionment for or in respect of any other orders. Where an account is terminated or canceled for any reason whatsoever by either the customer or IRANET.COM before a month end the customer shall not be entitled to any refund.

Fees paid to activate or register a Domain name are not subject to the 30 day money back guarantee and are nonrefundable. If IRANET.COM is forced by any party, either temporarily or permanently to refund any moneys for any service including but not limited to domain registration or hosting, IRANET.COM reserves the right to take ownership of any domain name(s) or hosting space or any other service or property previously considered purchased, leased or rented. IRANET.COM reserves the right to continue ownership of any seized domain name(s) as a result of being forced by any party, either temporarily or permanently to refund any moneys, whether the outcome of such a refund is in IRANET.COM'S favor.

6. General
(a) The customer agrees to use its best endeavors to protect its password and username and not to divulge or disclose to third parties or make use of for its own purpose or advantage any information of whatsoever kind obtained through the use of the services provided by IRANET.COM which information is confidential to IRANET.COM or its other customers and for which no permission for such use has been given.
(b) The customer agrees in using the services provided by IRANET.COM to use in a diligent and proper manner its own computer hardware and software so that no harm or damage will be caused to any computer component system resource or customer of IRANET.COM
(c) In using the services of IRANET.COM , no consumer agreement partnership joint venture or the like is made or arises between the customer and IRANET.COM nor has the customer authority implied or expressed to represent or contract on behalf of IRANET.COM. The customer fully agrees that the laws of the State of New Jersey where IRANET.COM's servers are located shall apply in connection with any legal proceedings arising out of these terms and conditions which may be instituted by or against IRANET.COM
(d) IRANET.COM reserves to itself the right at its discretion to amend or alter these terms and conditions without prior notice to its customers and to determine what is or constitutes a violation of these terms and conditions
(e) All hardware and software resources including IP addresses copyright technology design and implementation in providing services to the customer shall remain the property of IRANET.COM who reserves the right at its discretion to amend alter substitute replace at any time without notice to its customers.

7. Domain Names
IRANET.COM will submit the Customer's information and required domain name or names as provided in the order form for registration as soon as possible after receipt but IRANET.COM does not and cannot guarantee that a particular application or order for a domain name will be accepted or approved by NETSOL or the ICANN accredited registrar to whom IRANET.COM transmits the information and details for processing. All relevant terms and conditions of the registrar for accepting or approving a domain name registration will be binding on the Customer who agrees and acknowledges that in addition to the disclaimer described in clause 4 above IRANET.COM will not be liable for any loss of or use of the Customer's domain name or for interruption of business or damages of any kind including direct incidental consequential special or loss of profits regardless of the form of action whether in contract tort (including negligence) or otherwise. Furthermore the Customer agrees that registration of a domain name does not preclude a third party from objecting to the Customer's use or registration of that name and in the event of a dispute with any third party the Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless IRANET.COM.

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