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What is E-mail?

E-mail is a digital form of correspondence where a user types up a letter on one computer, and sends it to another computer to be received by another user.

How do I check my E-mail?

With, you have two ways of checking your email. The first is web mail. Through any web browser, you can go to and logon using your admin account. For detailed instructions on using web mail, click here.

You can also check your email using one of the many email clients that are free, and probably already installed on your computer. Two of the most popular are Microsoft Outlook Express (This comes with Internet Explorer) and Netscape Messenger (This comes with Communicator).

How do I create users and aliases?

All Email administration takes place via the web interface. Click here to learn how to use webmail.

How do I setup an E-mail client?

Click here to setup Microsoft Outlook Express
Click here to setup Netscape Messenger

What is my username and/or password?

Your default username for our email services is admin. Its password is the password you received when you signed up for hosting.

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