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What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a means of transferring files from your local computer to a remote system (like our web servers).

How do I FTP my files?

In order to FTP files, you need an FTP client. The two most popular FTP clients are WS-FTP and CUTE FTP. Both pieces of software are available for free trial periods.

Where do I FTP my files?

You can upload files to any directory on your site. However, if you want your files to be viewable when someone types in, you must place your files within the www directory of your site.

How do I setup an FTP client?

Click here to set up WS-FTP
Click here to set up CUTE FTP

What is my username and/or password?

Your FTP user name is usually your domain name with no dots (periods). For example, if your domain is, your user name would be yournamecom
If your domain is, your user name would be yournamecouk
Your password is the password you received when you signed up with us.

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